A way to empty you bladder without drugs

So…I have this method, for emptying my bladder reliably. Unfortunately it’s also possibly embarrassing and probably offensive to someone. I have been wanting to explain what I do in the hopes it might help somebody who has problems with their waterworks. I don’t know if it works on just me, all men or also women. I was considering going anonymous to post this, but then I was concerned people might think it was some kind of troll attempt or joke.

So be warned before reading further, it might seem a bit…wierd.

Say you want to go out somewhere or plan on being away from a bathroom for a few hours, if you have problems emptying your bladder in one go, like many of us, this is a concern. There are drugs that can help but so far I haven’t explored that option. This is what i do instead…

Sit on the toilet as normal, wrap a finger in toilet paper and then lean forward. I insert my finger into my rectum (gently!) and press onto the front wall of my bowel. Imagine the bit within your rectum behind your crotch area.This allows me to do something I lost when I started with ms, it allows me to “push” on my bladder and urinate at full pressure. I continue pushing as I urinate and push until I stop, at which point my bladder is fully emptied.

It works so effectively I only have to do this once every 3-6 hours, depending on how much you drink. Now if the idea of trying this makes you squeamish or offended then ignore me. If on the other hand, the idea of being out somewhere and wetting yourself is more of a fear, I would urge you to try this. Instead of just sitting there (or standing) for ages hoping you can relax enough to urinate a bit, it’s quick and reliable.

Be aware when you press inside your rectum that your insides have no nerve endings and the flesh is very delicate, so be gentle but firm, do not use without toilet paper as this may scratch your tissue (with your nails) and cause it to bleed. If this happens you should be fine, providing you leave it alone for a few days to heal.

Don’t force your finger in like a train either, that will just make your sphincter sore! If you can’t relax enough to do it, try inserting just the tip of your finger and then make a gentle circle around the opening a few times, this should relax you enough to push your finger in far enough to work.

I presume this action has many things working in it’s favour, first leaning forward puts pressure on your bladder, second it takes your mind off wanting to pee because you’re “busy” doing something else. Finally your finger helps give you that urgency of pressure you get when you are ready to burst and must trigger some physical reaction which allows you to pee normaly. You still have to push for it to work but if like me you lost the ability to push normaly then this will make it happen.

If I haven’t made everybody horribly offended or ill at the thought of this, I would appreciate a response or personal message if you don’t want to discuss it openly, just to know if it actually works on anybody other than me. I don’t know if it’s prostate related i.e. male only or if it still works for women too, so that would be interesting to find out through some collective experience.

Thanks for reading!

Another good tip - ls to use Andrex Washlets - they are super - and much kinder to use for the above purpose - and you can flush them down the loo. Look for them Andrex Washlets. Kind - but strong enough not to push your nails through!!!

Hello Frostpaw,

Yes I used to struggle emptying my bladder. Whenever I took exercise I immediately wanted to have a pee. Life was pretty grim. Spoke to my MS Nurse ans she asked if I knew about intermittant self catheterisation. Solved all my problems but it does take a while to get the hang and better than sticking a finger up your bum.

For a bloke as well as the big 14" ones there is a type that you can keep in you jacket pocket.

Not able to discuss what a woman would need

Good luck but do give ISC a try.


Thanks for the tip Frostpaw but I think I’ll stick to running the tap.

If that helps then by all means carry on. What ever ways people find to manage their symptoms have got to be good as far as I’m concerned! (I used to tip forward (as my nurse advised) and sit there for ages waitng for the drips which didn’t always come Now I’m going to write something rather embarrasing. To get me exited enough to pass water (not a sexual thing)I think about my pets, currently my lovely cat.

Personally use self catheterisation now, took a while to get the hang of but it works and has saved me from many infections/MS flare ups.

Wendy x

I use self-catheterisation now and have been for the last week or so. It has really changed my life. I never thought I would want to do such a thing but my toilet experiences have been so awful lately that I find it to be such a wonderful relief. I am also going longer between each wee. I almost feel ‘normal’ again. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles. It has given me some life back! Teresa xx

I use a similar method for constipation by pushing back through my vaginal wall - sorry guys this tip won’t help you.

I cant empty my bladder and may well try the finger up the rectum thing but, how easy is ISC for women?

I cant imagine feeling for my urethta! How???


Claire A continence nurse will teach you how to self-catheterise. I am so lucky because I have found it almost easy. I am still using a mirror (not a good view!) and a jug but it i’s so helpful an deliberating I can’t tell you. Ask your GP to put you in touch with the continence service in your area. The nurse I had was wonderful. She made me feel at ease and made me feel that it wasn’t such a big deal. I hope you give it a go, as it is fantastic. It has really changed my life. Teresa xx

Hello Claire,

I’m a bloke so cannot answer how easy it might be or not… As Teresa says talk to doctor or MS nurse. ISC, it takes a while to get the hang of it but, it is truely worth while. I also take LDN and am positive that that helps as well, it reduces the feeling or urgency.

ISC does make you feel a more normal human being again. Bladder problems made me feel the lowest of the low and sometimes I only got 30 seconds warning before whooosh…



I noticed my typo. What I meant was liberating not deliberating. Teresa xx

Because I tend to sit on the edge of my bed and widdle into a Plastic Piddle Pot,and there is a hairdryer there which I use to warm up my feet,I’ve found that gently warming the bladder area really helps with the old micturation.


Hello, embarassing to admit,but I do something similar with opening my bowels. Take a wodge of loo paper and gently massage outside of the anal area. Relaxes the sphincter (I think!) and gives me something to push against. Works nearly every time and very quickly. I have not had to try something for urinating yet, but will bear Frostpaw’s suggestion in mind should my symptons get worse. Thanks for the idea

i jiggle my abdominal muscles until i start to pee, then again once i’ve finished - there’s always a bit more to come.

lean forward as well.

i have used the massage idea when i was extremely constipated. arched my back like a cat does and rubbed my back where the blockage was.

also use the washlets as campion said.

i know its not the kind of thing that is talked about in normal society but when you can’t pee or poo, you’ll try anything.

now i feel the need to wash my hands!

carole xxxxxxxx

Hi guys, thanks for the responses, I’m really not keen on self cathertisation for now, I think that carries far more problems with it than this method, so I just wanted to share on the off chance that it helps somebody.