A useful quote for positive thinking with the Monster or anything really!

Dr Suess " I've heard there are troubles of more than one kind. some come from ahead, and some come from behind, but I've bought a big bat, and I'm ready you see. Now my troubles? Well, they're gonna have troubles with me".

I'm using my bat at the moment with this vit d supplement and some more healthy eating, i think you kinda have to imagine the bat, its kinda like Alan Osmonds saying " I may have MS, but MS does not have me", we may have these troubles, that we can't always control, but we can always fight them, one way or another.


*hugs to all*


Love it Jules! happy2xx

Love this quote put a smile on my face

C xx

It's awesome isn't it?


I must be. going.batty ! Thanks Jules.


Nothing like a good pun to.make you groan in the afternoon.


haha, no worries frank.