A test of character

I’ve also posted this on EL as I think some of us may well identify with the experience:

I struggle with some people.

A recent visit to the local hospital has left me puzzled.

Some “professionals” just lack any sort of empathy or sympathy.

What are they trying to prove?

Here is one eventful week or so…


You have a complicated life Steve & getting stung by scammers, is part & parcel to MS unfortunately. The scroungers pray on the vulnerable & they have access to everything. It’s why I coined the phrase, Use it or lose it.

I’ve had scam calls every day for quite a while now. It’s linked to locals & I know they know, that I know what their scam is.

They were able to buy a new car with what they stole from me & with no proof, they think they have gotten away Scott Free. Or so they think. It isn’t just money they steal unfortunately. Memories & plans too. If they think they can blackmail you, they will try. And portray you as someone you are not. Purely to get the imaginary moral high ground. Real low lives from a very dark backward place. Even trying to understand their culture will send you loopy.

Take it easy out there Steve & give them nothing. They are invisible to me now.

Terry is here.