A strange question

Hope everyone is as well as can be. I guess this is a statement for those of you who believe in God. I don’t know anymore. My MS is so bad that I think if there is a “God”, He must hate me for doing this to me. I guess I feel sorry for myself.


I have no desire to get into the ‘God’ debate…

But wanted to share with u a quote that I read from Mother Thersa many years ago…

I know that God wont give me anything that I cant handle-I just wish that he didnt trust me so much.

I hope you are able to find some comfort from that…

Ellie x

Oh religion and politics…2 subjects which have been argued about for many, many years and I daresay that will continue long after we`ve all gone!

I believe in God and feel that everyone has their right to do the same or not, as they wish.

I was talking to a man of the cloth, when I was in respite last month.

We had an in depth conversation and I asked lots of questions he couldnt answer. He said we are all loved by Jesus and the things we dont undersatnd are all part of a bigger picture, that we will understand in time.

So, I don`t know if my words have helped. One thing I know for sure is this;

there is no point wasting valuable energy (physical or mental) on wondering why me?. A good answer is why anybody?.

Try not to beat yourself up love, about having MS. There are many much worse things.Ive seen them and am thankful i dont have them.

much love, Polly xxxxxxx

lts not a strange question - we all wonder- why us? lf like me - you do wonder if you are being punished for a previous life when you must have done something really bad. lf l was that bad - and what ever l did was so shocking - l just hope l had a really good time doing it.

l have never smoked and l do not drink alcohol - but l do have a cough and l do stagger around as if drunk.

Perhaps l shouldn’t have answered your post - because l have never believed in god.

Don’t be hard on yourself - lets hope, if we do come back in another life , we have perfect health.

In the unlikely event that there is a God, I think she would have her hands full trying to sort out the problems in Syria (insert your own disaster area) at the moment.

Try not to take it too personally

Your statement illustrates one of the reasons that I don’t believe in God (any God): faith in a “superior being” by definition means we are inferior and leads to many unnecessary insecurities. These often result in us looking internally for reasons when bad things happen to us (“What did I do wrong?” “Am I a bad person?” “What did I do to deserve this?” etc). Or, even worse, being blamed for something for which we are blameless (as in the concepts of karma, reincarnation levels as a reward or punishment for past deeds, an eye for an eye, etc). This is self-destructive, manipulative (when imposed by religious figures), depressive, harmful, etc.

No one is to blame for something they had no control over.

Something bad has happened to you, but you are not a bad person. You did nothing to deserve it. It is not your fault.


Karen x

I think he has decided to test my resilience.




I tend to live by this poem:-

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can

and wisdom to know the difference.

If you look at it deeply enough it works.

Janet x

I couldn’t agree more

I used to actively believe but I don’t anymore. I moved from theist to agnostic and finally last summer to atheist. I was stood on top of a mountain in the Southern Alps, a most beautiful place surrounded by stunning scenery; a place where many people would exclaim there has to be a God due to the beautiful design of the world etc. Instead I was considering the geology and imagining the glacier moving through etc.

In the history of the world religion is new. Monotheism is only 4000 years old. The world is roughly 4.5 billion years old. Modern humans capable of a relationship with God first existed at least 195,000 years ago. Why the gap between them and God’s covenant with Abraham? Because there is no God. Simples.


That’s a perfectly common thought to have. I find it really interesting that we think things like that though - that God must have cause this to happen, and must be wanting to punish us. Maybe it’s because us humans always need a cause for things, or need someone to blame, and who better than an all-powerful God. Maybe it’s a hangover from one of the worst sides of the church, trying to control our behaviour with threats of punishment if we ‘sin’. Of course, that’s something Jesus (i.e. God) never did - the only people he ever criticised were precisely those who tried to control our behaviour with threats of punishment.

So no, I don’t think God hates you or has done this to you out of petty spite. Or at least, if there is a god that has intentionally given this to you, it’s not the God I believe in. I was a christian when I was diagnosed, and although I didn’t think he was to blame for me getting ill, I blamed him for not seeming to care or do anything about it - I got angry with him & swore at him and all that stuff, & totally gave up on him.

Now, though, I’d say my faith & spirituality is fundamental in helping me to live with this. People used to say to me that God knows how I feel, which is just patronising crap and made me even more angry. The thought I would get in my head instead was ‘Now you know how I felt’. So now I don’t see God as this supreme being up there in the clouds all in white, but instead as someone who knows what it’s like to be down in the sh*t. And that’s something I find strangely hopeful.

Of course, maybe I’m making it all up out of some psychological need to have a crutch and a coping mechanism. I guess I’ll never know while I’m alive. But I suppose that’s the nature of faith.