A Scathing Open Letter to David Cameron

A no holds barred, scathing open letter to David Cameron - I would love to see him read this:


Thanks for posting this link. I hate to see what happens when ATOS takes the reins for PIP when it replaces DLA


When the Conservatives first came into power, my first thought was yes things need to change. Obviously cuts needed to happen, but the way it was introduced was quite simply horrendous to witness as a partner of a MS sufferer. The whole ESA medical felt horrible to see, it just felt like the doctor did not go into indept details about the condition itself. But the worse thing was getting the brown envelope with what simply felt like Great Britains entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.(nul points) and the whole wait in the appeal of nearly a year on Jsa, drop of money also. Dont think I can vote again to be honest, feel let down by the present Government for how they have gone about it. Also the past government letting the benefit bill to get so big, dont think diagnosed neuroligical conditions should be called for medicals either.

It’s depressing and so frustrating. I just wish there was an easy way to let the rest of the world know how bad it is.