a saturday joke

Afternoon pals!

A 90 yr old woman, Ethel, gave birth to a baby boy. The world was stunned. it was in all the papers. Gladys hadnt seen Ethel for 50 yrs, so she thought shed go visit her.

As Et opened her front door, Gladys said Eeee, Ethel! Youve had a bay. How wonderful. Can I see him?Ethel asked her in a put the kettle on.Ill show him to you when he cries.

They had their cuppas and Gladys said Can I see the baby now? No, when he cries Ill let you see him`.

2 hours later Gladys was becoming irritated and said Why wont you show me the baby, Ive been here ages?.

Because I cant remember where I put him`, replied Ethel.

Good `un, innit?

luv POllx

Love it :wink: Love Linda

ethel, i’m just like you.


chortle chortle!

ellie x

Good one Poll! Teresa xx

Made me chuckle xxx