A Reason to be on a DMD - You're Likely to Live Longer

Here’s an interesting fact for all those who feel that taking DMDs is a bad idea. You’re likely to live longer if you take one, even a less effective one like beta interferon. This is a quote from the Barts MS Blogspot yesterday:

“The interferon beta 1b trial, clearly demonstrates an improvement in mortality in the treatment arm compared to placebo (dummy arm) 21 years down the line in RRMS.”

The post is here, if you want to read it for yourself:


I started on Betaferon (interferon-beta 1b) when I was first offered DMDs. It worked - for a while. It also caused depression, which I didn’t realise till I stopped taking it. I’m now on Gilenya and feeling much better.

The thing is that there are more DMD options available now than there were 12 years ago. Everybody with RRMS should have access to DMDs. It has been found that the earlier you start taking them, the better. It may be a bit of trial and error, but everyone ​should be able to find one that suits their physiology and their life.