A possible way of approaching differently things we can no longer do...


Every now and then I notice little things that I can’t do anymore, which I’d previously taken for granted. A couple days ago I was going past a load of fallen leaves in my wheelchair, I realised that I may never kick a pile of leaves ever again, something I’ve happily done plenty of times in the many Autumns I’ve lived through.

I started to put this as my status on facebook, but it sounded like I was being a victim a bit, and would just get a few ‘poor you’ comments. So my wife said I should request that people do it on my behalf, and to do it as childishly & gleefully as possible.

I had a load of comments as a result, with my friends saying they did it (with or without their kids) and had forgotten how much they enjoyed doing it. Instead of it just being something I was feeling sad about on my own, it’s helped other people to enjoy it more, which in turn has made me feel all warm inside (which is just as well, given how cold it’s suddenly gone). I think I might start doing that sort of thing more often.


Wonderful. It’s so positive.

There are things growing out of our reach all the time, but dealing with it this way makes it live on.

Thank you


Dan The thing I’ve missed most is not been able to do the things most normal parent’s would do with their kids :frowning: run about in the park playing ball, cycling, swimming etc etc but you know what my kds never suffered because I always gave them the most important thing LOVE and they turned out oksy :slight_smile: xx

Most definitely do it more often Dan! So very positive & inspiring.

i love this post. i was walking down the street today and i accidentally kicked some leaves. it was such a good feeling that i kicked some more. must have looked like a proper loony woman!

carole x

Hi Dan,

I think that’s a really beautiful gift you have given to a lot of people who otherwise would have missed out. It’s too easy to take life in its every aspect for granted isn’t it? There may be things that we can no longer do but we must ensure that we appreciate and relish those things that we can. sometimes, that means not doing but maybe just ‘being’ listening, watching.

My little cat is sat on my lap with my laptop, doesn’t make for easy typing! but I love that she wants to be close despite the fact that her head is bouncing with my hand as she insists on resting it there.

I hope you have a gentle day and thank you for your generosity



brilliant! a few years ago when i was still able, myself and 6 yr old at the time jumped in a huge puddle outside tesco door!

we were soaking and laughing-got some strange looks! he still loves the rain-so do i although cant feel it in feet/face anymore-but he still enjoys it-am glad

ellie x

your sort brought a tear to my eye. so inspiring

What a lovely post…pause for thought!!! Thank you.



I was thinking of your post this morning as I took the dog for a walk on my mobility scooter.

A great drift of leaves lay across the pavement and as I drove over them I let one leg dangle and gave the pile a bit of a stir. It was the closest I could get to kicking. Despite feeling a bit of a chump and very glad that no one was watching it gave me a bit of a lift actually. Thank You.


Thanks for sharing this idea and outlook on life - great idea

B x