A night on the town?

I’m not on any medication whatsoever but am having my lumbar puncture next Thursday. I was due for a night out on the town with Friends next Saturday - do you think it’s okay to go (and drink)?

If you feel fine, then yes. Maybe ask the person who does the LP just in case?

Karen x

Hey Tricky

thats a difficult one and probably depends a bit on how your body will react to the LP. Some people are absolutely fine and just need the day to recover but then there are others with a terrible headache not feeling up to getting out of bed at all. It may be a case of see how you go. My other worry would be drinking alcohol as you’re meant to try and rehydrate yourself post LP with water and plenty of caffeine to stop the headache from hell and alcohol will do the opposite of course. But again this is a few days later so there’s a chance you might be fine.

I think as Karen suggested ask the person doing the LP and see how you’re feeling.

Good luck



Hello, Its hard to say how you will react to the lp. Most people are fine afterwards. But if you are unlucky like me, your head will feel like its been hit with a hammer. I got re-admitted to hospital for some crazy amounts of morphine to help the pain.

Its just how your body will react, know one will know how you will feel a few days after.



Ah, thanks for the advice, I hadn’t even thought of the effects of the xray lumbar puncture so I’m glad I asked the question.

To be honest, I haven’t even had a drink since July 2011 and I think I will ask my friend to hold off a few weeks, it’s been a hellish month of symptoms/hospital stays and visits and I don’t want to add to this. I know she’ll understand, I’m just keen to feel normal again.