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Hi Lucie here… I will tell my story as briefly as I can… I had an accident at work a month ago…this resulted in two herniated discs (aka slipped discs). My chiropractor referred me to the Dr a couple of weeks after the accident as she was concerned about some of my symptoms… The Dr sent me straight to A&E. I explained what had happened to the consultant in A&E some of which puzzled him but I was lucky enough to have an MRI the same day. The MRI confirmed the diagnosis (herniated discs) and was told that I should recover within the next few weeks and went home… Two days later I was called by the same A&E consultant who told me he had asked someone in neurology to look at my MRI results and that they had found an abnormality on my spinal cord and i needed to go back for another MRI-this time with contrast ( this was a week or so ago). On Friday I received two letters one confirming an appointment with the consultant this Wednesday and a second letter advising that my MRI was the following day after seeing the consultant. The MRI with contrast is now for the brain, thoratic and cervical area of the spine… I really wasn’t expecting this at all :frowning: Unfortunately I seem to have a lot of the MS symptoms. My legs feel like lead, numbness pins and needles, pain in my right eye, and what everyone seems to call the MS hug ( although I’m not feeling the love). I’m trying to remain positive. I look fine but very uncomfortable right now… X

Hi Lucie, and welcome to the site :slight_smile:

Although lots of us can think of stressful events that came just before our first big relapse, it’s more like they act as a release for things that were already there, waiting for their chance to start, than actually causing anything. So I would guess the accident was a coincidence because I don’t think it could have caused lesions on your spinal cord. Tbh, it doesn’t really matter now - the main thing is dealing with everything and that’s a lot to get your head round out of the blue!

MS is only diagnosed once someone has had either two attacks or a year of worsening symptoms. The reason for it being two attacks is that there are several things that we can get just the once that are very similar to MS attacks. So although your symptoms (and perhaps your MRI) are consistent with MS, there is a good chance that you don’t have it and won’t ever get it.

It might be worth calling the neuro’s secretary about your appointment timing. If I’m reading your post correctly, you have your neuro appointment the day before the MRI scans? I would have thought that it would be more sensible to see him/her after the scans when there is more information available, so maybe worth checking?

It’s good that they are being proactive and scanning your brain and spinal cord - much better to do it all in the beginning, not just to see what’s going on now, but also to get a baseline for later scans so they can see what’s changed, e.g. the lesions in some one off conditions tend to go away after several months.

I hope the appointments go well. Don’t forget to take a list of symptoms with you as well as ask for help with the ones that are bothering you most (there are loads of meds that can help and neurophysio can be great for some things).

Let us know how it goes?

Karen x

Hi Karen, Thanks for taking the time to write back…I am probably overthinking everything at the moment… I actually thought that the consultant appointment was the day before as he hadn’t seen me originally in A & E and wanted to discuss my symptoms. I will call them tomorrow morning to confirm as the hospital I need to go to is quite a way away and someone else can take my slot if that appointment isn’t needed. Will keep you posted xx

So I had my appointment with the consultant today and he thinks that the herniated disc accident was coincidental. He did a few functional tests and then had a long chat. He mentioned that my symptoms could be MS and he thinks the issues are brain related ( so there is one in there…:wink: Having my 2nd MRI with contrast tomorrow and he had already put me down for a lumbar puncture…hmmmm- that’s the part I’m dreading! On a really positive note he said that if I do have early stages my prognosis should be good. I’m off on holiday this Friday and just hoping that the heat isn’t going to cause too much of a problem as I have had these relapse symptoms for the last month…boo! Bye for now… L :wink:

Sounds like a good appointment. Don’t worry about the LP - most people are absolutely fine with it. Some get the dreaded “headache from hell” afterwards, but there are things you can do to reduce the risks (lying down, drinking plenty of fluid (preferably with caffeine if you can) and asking for them to use an “atraumatic needle”) and it’s only a minority. Have a great holiday :slight_smile: Kx

Hello K… Was a positive appointment. Also had a laugh with the radiographer today contrast was fine and there is definitely a brain in there …he said so ! Back in a week- thanks for the holiday wishes - i will!! L X