A new symptom

Ok this is very weird one… I did about 5 mins house work today and had to stop as I couldn’t take anymore.

So I went for a bath and out of no where while in it my mind went blank and all I could see in my eye sight was kind of orange background. I felt a force of my head being forced back and I whack my head on the ceramic bath side.

I had to get out and take a long rest after that but I found that really scary! has anyone else had this issue?

Did you overheat? I’ve had a few blackout episodes recently, due to a high temperature x

Sounds to me as if you overdid it doing the housework then having a bath probably overheated which caused the weird symptoms. I have fallen a couple of times getting out of the bath if I was rushing beforehand. Wouldn’t say I blacked out just felt absolutely weak and wobbly.

Have a nice rest now and cool down.

Shazzie xx