A little bit stressed

Hiya Everyone,

Im new to this site and was hopig to vent a bit. I had a funny turn back in July and was rushed to A&E and was addmitted as they thought I’d had a stroke after a ct scan came back clear I was kicked out the following morning. They said it was just a fainting turn, since then I have been left with a leg that doesnt want to work and it feels like it’s not there half the time and I get a burning sensation in it. The gp tested my reflexes and said they are threw the roof on my right side, my gate is not so good either and my balance is all over the shop. I get blurred vision in my left eye and aztec patterns running in front of it sounds strange I know but that is the only way I can explain it. She has said it could be MS and has sent me for MRI which has come back with nothing but she has got me an appointment with a neuro in November but Im worried they are going to say there is nothing wrong. Sorry to go on but thinking back I havnt been right for a while now I have had ab back problem for years and suffer with spasms in it could this be a symtom of MS sorry again for going on and on.

Thanks for reading.xx

Hi, to my knowledge GPs arent qualified to say if something is MS or not.

But seeing a neuro next month is the right way to go.Write down a list of symptoms and questions. Take somone with you, if poss, as it is easy to forget what is said.


Hello and welcome :slight_smile: I’m still waiting for my first neuro appointment (also November) but the ‘aztec patterns’ sound just like what I’ve experienced during a migraine. I never used to get them before childbirth, but since my mum, aunty and brother get them, I knew what it was. They started as painless ones but now I have had one or two very painful ones. I wonder if I’ve had optic neuritis as I’ve had split vision hot on the heels of an ‘aztec’ migraine. Pretty zigzags but I’d rather not see them again! Good luck with your appointment :slight_smile:

Hi, the aztec pattern you describe sounds exactly like migraine aura which is one of the things I am diagnosed with. I don;t getr headaches, never had a “migraine” as far as I know but there are types of migrain aura that have very similar symptoms as MS. It;s worth checking out. I have hemiplegic migraine apparantly which causes weakness, balance problems, vision and speech problems and many sensory things, It is possible that it could be a spin off from MS, either way it’s pretty debilitating. I’m still being looked at for MS despite the migraine aura and a definate vestibular condition but do check out the migraine trust website, it’s really helpul xxx