A level playing field

I’ve just had my bed raised to be level with the wheelchair.

It’s a revelation. Along with the bed rail, it makes transferring so much easier.

After 5 falls in 8 days, it’s good to feel confident again.

Never give up looking for simple solutions. After the 5th fall, the ambulance crew sent a GP out to me, an OT came round and within a week it was done.

Sometimes, claiming to be fine can be negative.

Best wishes good people.

Hi Steve

Sorry to hear about your recent falls, hope you are ok. Sometimes it’s such an easy solution to a problem, but it can take someone else to suggest it, leaving us thinking why didn’t I think of that.

Glad it’s been sorted for you.

Pam x

Im sorry that you had to fall 5 times Steve , that’s awful . By the way I love your new picture of you and your little girl. Michelle and Frazer xx