A handy hint I heard from Sarah Millican...

I saw Sarah Millican on Friday night - still exhausted, wobbly and not-quite-focussing!

But worth it!

One thing I took away from her act is the advice she gave to her Mum, who is wheelchair bound, when someone she doesn’t’ even know is being an idiot towards her. Like bumping into her wheelchair when she’s out, or tutting at her because she’s being a nasty person taking up some pavement space.

Combine a cough and a swearword - think Eric Morecambe doing a cough that ends in Arsenal. But substitute ‘arsehole’ for ‘Arsenal’. By the time the person thinks you might have said something rude to them, you’re already looking like you didn’t say anything at all :slight_smile:

I may give it a try when a retired person gets annoyed with me for being and looking 52 and less mobile than them. I’ll let you know how I get on!

It works better if you look ‘frail’ (I hate that! The Torys want to call people who should have a named GP supervising their care either ‘elderly’ or ‘frail’. Rant over!)

I love Sarah Millican! I have enjoyed her humour since I first saw her on Mock the Week, a few years ago.

yes, thats a great idea when we are being treated by badly behaved normal` people! Might give it a go meself.


if anyone’s going to try the eric morecambe cough/arsenal thing might i recomment a cough followed by the word queue, that works very well, ahem…!

wendy x