A Good Day

Hi, people have bad days and good days. Let us write about good days

I have been a member of a local running club for the past 11 years. Having been diagnosed and problems with balance since Nov 2011 have been doing gym work once a week, occaisionally rising to a sporting challenge last year, though ended up having a relapse knocking me back for six months.

Yesterday was a good day. Got up, felt good so entered a local 5k race. 25 mins, 57 seconds, 231st out of 295 competitors (all serious ones!) and out with a large group from my running club. Lots of ‘nice to see you back’ from them and other runners I know. These people remember when I could not walk March 2011 post doing 10 mile races in 70 minutes!

Legs now sore in a good way

I know this could be beyond some peoples ability/expectations but it was my latest Good day. What about yours?

Hi many congrats on your achievment.

A good day for me is no dodgy transfers and going to the loo without struggling…if you get what I mean!

luv Pollx