A dog with a bone at work

I dont knowwhat to say other than I have came on here beefore complaining that I ended up crying at a Senior Team meeting and having to leave as my manager insisted that location of meeting would be changed alternatively to a location 10 miles away from present venue…despite mt protestions that this would be unsuitable for me, it does not suit 3/5 people attending meeting. I have taxis to work thru access to work as I can no longer drive because of double vision, I had brought in a union rep to meet with him, I thought it was all sorted until I received a phonecall from him saying that I had accused him of discrimination, I know that I did not, I havent met him alone, he is like a dog with a bone, he has went to HR with his ‘story’, I have went back to my union, there have being loads of issues which I have let go, now Ifeel like digging my heels in and find everything needless.

Dig those heels in, fight the fight; stupid manager is panicing and trying to cover own a**e by putting in the first accusation. If I was HR for your company I would be asking ‘why does he say that, what grounds might anonymous have to say that…hmmm’ If I were you I’d be logging everything and if you get dragged into any ‘meetings’ always have a witnes (better still a union rep) with you. Good luck Clarexxx