A discovery

Greetings,and may you be better than expected.For months and more of them I had swollen feet and ankles like those of a pregnant hippo.I was taking MOVICOL or the newly named NHS equivalent to help with the bowel issues that I had been graced with.I now know without a shadow of doubt that the Movicol was causing fluid to collect in the old trotters,and not in the colon,where it should soften the furniture,sorry stools.

No Movicol and the feet are usual size,and judicious use of Senna helps the old ‘bum movements’.My feet still hurt terribly but at least I can get my boots on for when I’m playing out.

Just thought you might like to know,

Bye bye, Wb

I was expecting a joke Wb.

Glad you’ve discovered the problem


That would be good,but the system won’t let me post some of the usual twaddle.Maybe they should spend some of the £40K that was mentioned on this wonderful place,

Wb…the jokeless

I am very interested WB for different reasons. My Granddaughter is very constipated and had been since she was just a few months old. They eventually prescribed Movicol, it doesn’t really help much but since using a potty she has stopped holding her motions in although she still has an awful time, she is very brave.

She has also just suffered her second severe bout of water infection, she had her first at about one year old she is now three and a half. It seems to me that she has never passed water frequently and can sometimes get to lunch time before she does. Of course when she has an infection she refuses to go because it burns her.

Could the waterworks problem have something to do with the movicol making her retain water therefore causing the infection or am I clutching at straws?

Jan x

Hi Wb,

At least you’ve solved one problem.

Shame about the jokes, hurry back soon, we miss them!! (Lol, like Blossom thought this was going to be a joke!)

Cherry x

Hi Jan,poor little thing.Movicol might be part of her problem, so hopefully a Doctor may have a more open mind than the majority of them.I’ll cross everything that should uncross,



Thank you Steve, I’ll let you know what they say, I’m not sure at the moment when her next appointment is.

Hope your feet continue to improve.

Jan x

sorry you are experiencing this steve- i was going to say ‘bummer’ but thought it may come across as in poor taste (then thought you may appreciate it!). it amuses me when people say that they know someone with MS therefore appreciate how i am feeling. the attempt at empathy comes from the nicest place so i don’t correct them in any harsh manner, BUT I WANT TO!!!

as has been said before, this is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t it? i am pleased that things appear to be getting better for you.

Jan- this trouble is bad enough as a fully-grown adult, but it breaks your heart when a child is suffering. as a dad myself when i see my kids in any pain or distress all i wish is that i could absorb it from them. my thoughts and very best wishes go to your grand-daughter and hope that her problems are alleviated soon.

hugs to all as usual, fluffyollie xx

Thank you for your good wishes.

Jan x

Glad you found help Wb but where’s the joke?

Shazzie x

sorry to go completely off topic, but what the hell are, what i think are polar bears, doing in your avatar?

wendy x

one polar bear asleep, with a brave/stupid penguin about to crash two cymbals together right near him… just thought it was funny (yes, i know they live literally ‘poles’ apart before anyone mentions it!

ah, now i can see what it is, i’m gonna blame optic neur. for that one. i’ve finally found a black cat avatar that i like, but it seems to have shrunk a bit on here and it’s made the eyes look a bit weird. i don’t suppose that many other people on here get the ‘clarence the cross eyed lion’ reference, god i feel old . i found another couple of black cat avatars at the same time, all i have to do now is work out how i did it before, so i can try another one. wish me luck. sorry, waffling…

No joke…Yet. My first and probably only sensible post ever involved poo,and now it has gone to poo.EXCELLENT I wouldn’t want it any other way


ps Poo is another word for tish and I like etish as well

Get you now Wb. HAPPY POOING!!!

It’s only ever joyous after a load(dream on) of planning and predictions.Similar to weather forecasting,wind is a factor and the final outcome can be disappointing.


Hahahaha Wb!!! See the jokes are slipping in. Ooops. There’s another one, especially after the Senna.

Shazzie x