a day in our shoes

hello fellow little duckings!

If you have to leave the house today, dont forget your flippers!

Last week, my sis (not the one who is one of my carers) fell and broke her ankle quite badly.

She had a first, heavy pot put on and she said it was so heavy and using crutches hurt her arms. She said How on earth do you manage like you do? She said every single tiny movement needs careful planning and much pre-thought.

She said she would ask for a wheelchair to get around her flat. She already uses a scooter outdoors, due to a spine problem.

Then she had the pot replaced with a lighter, pink one! This enabled her not to need a wheelchair, she said.

But she also said, Now I know what you have to live with every second of every day and youve coped so bravely for many years.` I silently said but mine wont get better.

Innit da troof!


Hi Poll, as much as we try to understand what someone else is going through we can’t, not even if we have the same disease or something like breaking your ankle and finding it difficult to mobalise temporarily. It is really hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes no matter how hard we try or want to. I know I try really hard to understand what Rachael is going through but probably in my worst nightmare I come no where near close to how bad she feels which is probably for the best as I am not sure how helpful that would be for her, I can’t be in the same hole as her as I have to be at the top trying to pull her out. She was crying last night as was giving herself her jag and was telling me how sore it was and how she could not cope with having to keep doing this 3 times a week for the forseeable future, if I could feel her pain I might end up agreeing with her. I hope your sister’s little tiny window into how you might feel will help her empathise a lot more but to be honest, we are human and if something is too painful to face we tend to shy away from it and ignore it and hope it goes away. Your sister will never truly understand what you deal with on a daily basis, your struggles or the mental strength you have to keep smiling and joking but I hope she is there for you if you needed a shoulder. Big hugs Linda x