A couple of odd things

For some time now I’ve suffered two intermittent problems that may or may not be caused by MS. I’m mentioning them here because both started after my diagnosis, although there’s no obvious connection with MS.

Problem 1: Sometimes my hands feel hot and itchy, a sensation that’s not relieved by scratching or rubbing. Putting my hands in cold water offers temporary relief. Antihistamines help, but the problem isn’t caused by an allergic reaction. This problem usually occurs late in the day. It sometimes manifests itself as itchy feet, usually at night.

Problem 2: Sometimes I have trouble sitting comfortably late in the day. There’s a feeling of pressure and discomfort at the back of my thighs, even on chairs I am comfortable with during the day. I end up sitting on different chairs around the house, trying to find one that doesn’t cause the problem. I go to bed if I can’t get any relief. Ibuprofen can help but I don’t like taking it because I’m not actually in pain.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is it another way that MS messes with our bodies? Or is it just me being weirder than usual?

hi dragon

ms messes with us all the time.

weird bloody illness and so we are weird too.

your symptoms sound familiar.

weirdo carole x