Good day everyone on this lovely day, I trust, and hope, that all had a day to please, yesterday, and are busy playing with their new toys. Now word has come to me, from afar, of three men who died last week and who had arrived in heaven at the same time, St Peter met them at the pearly gates and announced, as it a very special holy time for us here, you must show a meaning of this time, to get in, the first up, a man from Halifax, pulled out, and lit his lighter, it’s a candle, he said, come in, said St Peter, the next up, was a man from Dunkeld, in Scotland, he pulled out his house keys, on shaken them, he said they were jingle bells, he was told to come in to heaven, the third man was from Donegal, he searched frantically in all his pockets, finally pulling out a pair off ladies knickers, quickly he said, they’re Carol 's.

And remember folks, be good, not long till Santa comes, only another 364 days, Brian

Very funny Brian…you cheeky man!!