A Camel with no legs

I am getting a Camel, well maybe I went to the hospital yesterday and the MS nurse has prescribed a CAMEL its not to be orally taken orally anyway I dont think I could manage a whole one. Read all about it here on my Disabled Don Blog

I had a fantastic day but was knackered by the time we got back.My wifes Aunt and Uncle have come to visit they are staying in a Hotel in Broadstairs. We had a nice Chinese Meal which rounded the day off nicely. I am waiting in for the wheelchair man and they have all gone off for a walk and a coffee at Margate. smily face for them having a nice time and not for me being left home all alone waiting for the wheelchair man.

Hi Don, Good luck with your camel! Let us all know how you get on with it. Nina x

Looking forward to getting it I will need a name for it you can’t have camel with no name, any ideas on the back of a postage stamp please to NAME DON’ S CAMEL

Can’t think of a name as a song came to mind and it’s the only thing my brain can process… You raise me up,

Cath xx

just listening to it on You tube

Call the camel ‘Sopwith’. (Ok, it’s a bit obvious…) Kev

OBVIOUS Leg you underestimated my abilities to mis the obvious, I must say I like it especially in this 100th anniversary of WW 1 ® registered and ©copyrighted infIdelity it will be christened, all I got to do is get the OT to agree but can’t see that being problem if I go down I can’t get up again. You can have a virtual cup for the suggestion.

I’m honoured to receive the cup on behalf of the team of writers who worked on the project, my family, all my teachers, my make-up girl Claudette, and of course Tommy Sopwith, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Don, Mrs Adams tells me there’s a Terry Pratchett book which features a camel called ‘You B***ard.’. Because apparently all camels have names like that, bestowed on them by their owners.

There’s one called ‘Bl***y Stupid’ and another one called ‘Evil Smelling Brute’.

Seems that camels are the best mathematicians in Discworld. I don’t know, I don’t read them, but Ruth loves Pratchett and re-reads them constantly.

BTW the book is called ‘Pyramids’


Ps I’ve just realised, posting here via my laptop I get the smilies, but when I use my ipad I don’t. Anyone know why?

Hoppity, thanks for the link to the video, I would have had no idea what you were talking abou without it.

Kev, your wife has excellent taste in literature. I must reread Pyramids soon.

Another Pratchett fan.

I tried discworld but it beat me but I like the names so I will call Sopwith a bl##dy stupid camel or some such thing and I will test slowing on his maths.

Don I enjoyed your blogs. I’m so glad you put links up showing your camel as my imagination was working overtime trying to picture this inflatable legless camel able to lift you from the floor. The reality of it looks like a practical piece of kit. You’ll have to keep us posted with how you get on with it please. That’s no plea for you to fall and injure yourself, I’m sure you know what I mean!

Take care

Cath xx

Great blog Don! I saw one of these used in a tv drama a couple of years ago ‘The Fattest Man in England’… was a good drama and after he fell they used the camel to get him up. Then a year or so ago a man where I live fell and the paramedics used the camel to get him up. Apparently they carry them on ambulances now. Let us know how you get on with it. Pat xx

Thanks Cath & Pat I had no idea about them but the . MS nurse is writing to the OT recommend it only time will see I can’t get up from a fall now so need something. Nite nite I need sleep had busy day at a car show.