A bit of detective work

Hello peeps. (Someone somewhere used that greeting yesterday and it amused me.)

I’m trying to inflict humour on what has been a difficult week. I had a worrying fall last night; worrying because I think I blacked out. It could be costly. Here is my account if you wish to read it:

Best wishes, Steve

A good read again Steve. But sorry you had such a tough weekend. Thanks for reply to last post. Ive started a diary now but I think I will use it as the basis for a journal article about the diagnosis process in chronic illness. There’s got to be a better way for the NHS to go about it.



Sorry to hear about your fall Steve, but your account made interesting reading. Hopefully your trusty wheelchair can be fixed and there are no lasting effects.

Take care

Hi Steve

Sorry to hear of your eventful weekend, although I did enjoy your expressive writing about it, and as I read on I kept thinking “the plot thickens” as though I was in a novel, instead of your life.

Hopefully all can be mended soon, and your life can return to “normal”…whatever that is.

Pam. X

Hi Steve , I hope that you are okay, how long do you think you were lying there? It’s very worrying especially as you have no memory of it. I hope that you manage to get your wheelchair mended. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

All I remember is waking up and finally being lifted up as dawn was breaking.

Lloyd’s Betterlife are replacing the seat on my chair sometime next week.

At least I have my travel chair.

Best wishes, Steve.

Well I’m glad that are mending your chair and at least you have the other one. Just try to be careful did they say what caused your blackout ? It’s a good thing that you have your pendant. I feel lucky that I can still get up again when I fall, often with the help of a chair or sofa or holding on to a wall. I got caught out once or twice outside but I’d usually fall getting to the car and Lee or Ben would help me up. I don’t attempt to walk to the car anymore I have a ramp around the back and inside the house. When did you need to use a chair indoors ? My new chair is an indoor/ outdoor chair, but I can still get around with the walls and furniture. I hope you are soon back to your adventurous self . Michelle and Frazer xx

Steve sorry you seem to be going through the wringer. Take it steady.


Ps yes the head phone looks very happy there