A and E?

Okay so here’s my question

ive been to the docs when my symptoms flared up again and he’s referring me to a neuro again. When I spoke with him he said to me just hang fire unless I started having bladder or bowel problems.

What sort of problems should I be looking for?. I’ve suffered with bloated belly for the last week or so and every so often I find I go to the toilet more than usual. I really don’t want to mess the nhs around but the doctor said if bowel or bladder involved it could be more sinister and needs checking out??

so does anyone know what I should be looking out for??


It can vary from person to person, and you need to bear in mind that what is normal for one person, is not normal for another. If you find that you need to urinate and can’t, or can’t hold your urine, or find that you urgently need to go and can’t hold it, this needs attention (if only because it could be an infection, which is serious in itself). The same goes for bowel issues.

The bottom line is, if you are worried, it is right to seek medical attention.

i hope that helps - I’m sure others will be along to help soon.

Take care -