A 1st in a long time

Hi folks havent posted alot in the last few months due to trying new things out but also my ms world has been rocked and my ptsd tested, i have booked into a Bikers Rally 1st 1 since long before coming ill 15yrs+ im nervous but really looking forrward to it knowing i am going to pay the price for a night in a tent but i really wanna push all my boundaries both MS and PTSD to try to find the old but new me too.

At last my neuro has said hes putting me on Dmd’s dont know which 1 yet as if the scars havent changed then its 1st line Dmd’s but if theres any change he said hes going to treat it more agressivelly my double and contrast mri is for the 21st this month a week before the rally.

Anyhoos hope everyone that rememberss me is keep busy and active too, the chairty work i do for 2 charities (1 MS & 1 Biker) is keeping me really busy which is great as ive found being busy stops me thinking about the MS but also stop my memories from the ptsd anyhoos sun is out and im off to grab an icepole and sit in the garden have a great day folks

respect sheep

Sounds fun.

Have to say though that, these days, the idea of camping would fill me with terror. I could get down onto the camp bed but even a whole squad of bikers couldn’t get me back on my feet Do fancy the idea of Glamping though - some of the Yurts I have seen advertised look fantastic.

Have a good one Sheep. Go easy on the bottles of sheepdip (AKA Jack Daniels).

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Hi, hope you manage all you want to do and dont suffer for it too much later!


Best of luck with the DMDs and have a fab time at the rally.

Jan x

Coming late to this party - haven’t been around for a couple of days - but enjoy the rally! Me and the bloke used to do rallies quite a lot during the summer, and marshalled a couple of them quite regularly too, but with one thing and another, we haven’t done many in the last few years… my health being some of it, but utter laziness kicking in as well, skintness, and non-waterproof waterproofs, and one horrendous experience camping in the pouring rain/my bike being stolen, which put me off big time… that last rally we did turned into a Glastonbury style mud-fest, and we had to physically push the bikes up the hill to get out (and the local farmer turned out with a tractor and made a mint charging people for towing them off the site) which left me completely muddied up to the eyebrows, as the wheels showered me with the stuff all the way up. Stopping side-stands and main stands disappearing into the mud was a full time job. And the tent leaked! Kinda put me off a bit… but if fine weather could be guaranteed, and decent bands and decent beer…hmmmm. And one tip - watch for the poo-wagons coming round to empty/clean the portaloos, and make sure you’re the first one in when they’re finished!