8 blinking mins!!!!

morning all now I know neuro’s are pushed for bloody time but 8 mins in n out takes the p*** he bases his whole dx on me being able to feel buzzing in my left big toe even tho I told him most my foot was numb :frowning: my reflexes were less considerably on the left side I had no reaction to him scratching the soles of my feet to which him just said hmmm I told him that I’d fallen, had dizzy spells etc numbness pins n needles brain fog weakness n stiffness all the joys he said I presented as ‘normal’ he’s sending me for more tests with electrodes no MRI atm as he believes strongly it is not benine high Intercranial pressure or benine MS but he’s no specialist (his words) and I was to take away from the consultation I had niether but the MS couldn’t be ruled out stupid man bloody contradiction in terms that’s all he is!!! Rant over and it’s taken me longer to type this than I wsd I’m his room just sayin like Lou "/

oh n my optic discs were showing no signs of swelling today either bloody typical

Absolutely no way could a neuro take a proper history and do a thorough clinical exam in 8 minutes so if the nerve tests end up in you getting nowhere, please ask for a second opinion and cite this slapdash consultation as grounds.

It’ll be interesting to see what he says in the follow up letter though - sometimes they are very different from what was said on the day.

Take heart from the fact that he didn’t discharge you - the tests may reveal something which will lead to some answers. Hang in there!

Karen x

thank Karen I was just so annoyed he literally ushered me out the door as much as I don’t want them to reveal anything I also kinda do so I can tell him where to shove his speedy consult lol he said that the previous scan I’d had was all normal with no sign of abnormalities well it wouldn’t show any nerve damage as it was a flipping arteries scan not nerves arrrhhhhhh sorry I’m letting it wind me up still I could cry I’m do annoyed deep breath I’m off down the pub for lunch Happy New year Lou :slight_smile: x

Let’s reinforce what Karen has said - a simple sensory (i.e. physical) exam should take about 20 minutes, and a full one more like an hour. Eight minutes is about the time allowed for a GP appointment.

I notice that the right to a second consultant opinion has been removed from the NHS Constitution, but there are still some things that you can do.

Visit the website for all the local hospitals that you can get to easily, look up Neurology, and most of them will tell you who the MS Specialist is (it may be a Neurologist, it may be an MS Nurse).
Wait about two-three weeks for a copy of the letter from the Neuro to your GP (it is still an absolute right that you get a copy) and If you have not had one, go to your GP and ask if (s)he has had theirs. Either way, yes or no, you now have a good reason to ask to be referred to another hospital, and to an MS specialist (and you now know who they are, and where they are). Do not rely on the Society’s “Near Me” function as it is often out of date (in my case, several years out of date), but do check out the hospitals directly.


There are a limited number of types of MRI scans and the standard ones are run as a matter of course no matter what the referral has asked for. One of the standard types of scan, T2, shows up MS lesions so it is likely that your scans really are clear of visible demyelination. However, it would be worthwhile checking exactly what scans were done when you had your arteries checked.


if I get another audience with him Karen I’ll be sure to ask about be there of scan it was but I guess in be mean time I will try n put it to 1 side best I can until the evoked potential test are done n we have some of answers of some kind I spoke to a friend who is under an MS neuro who I think is based at the same hospital so I will push for a referral with him if I feel I’m still getting nowhere Lou :slight_smile: