4 weeks from diagnosis

Hi All, I was diagnosed as having RRMS 4 weeks ago. I have had 2 episodes, the first was double vision in May 2017, the second was in July 2019 was slurred speech, slow movement and slow cognitive thought. I didnt realise the second episode was happening but my sster pointed it out to me and came with me to my neurologist appointment and it was after she had talked to him that he confirmed my MS dagnosis and said I needed to start meds. I believe i have been diagnosed really early. When i experienced the double vision I went to the hospital emergency eye clinic. They asked about my family history and I told them my uncle had died from a brain aynurism and they referred me for my first MRI which showed 4 spots of inflammation. I was then referred to neurology. 8mths later I was sent for a repeat MRI and for a lumbar punctyre. The MRI showed no changes but the lumbar puncture indicated MS. At that point it was a one of clinical incident. Went back twice to my neuro cosultant and in April this year he said he needed some up to date imaging of my brain. This time the MRI showed several more spots of inflammation so along with what my sister told him, he confirmed my MS diagnosis. I was wonderibg how early on in your MS journey you recieved diagnosis??

my diagnosis came within 18 months.

it was the result of just one MRI which must have lit up like blackpool maybe i have had it far longer than i knew at the time.

anyway we all have different roads to travel because we are all unique!

Hi Tracey, Similar story to you! I was diagnosed just over a month ago. Had my first episode of double vision in May 2014. Had an MRI within a week of my first presentation to eye casualty which showed demyelination. Had a lumbar puncture a couple of months later, positive for oglioclonal bands. By this time, my symptoms had completely resolved. Neurologist told me there was a strong possibility it was the first episode of MS but he couldn’t make a formal diagnosis based on one episode so I got on with my life as if it had never happened! Fast forward to this year, May 2019, I had my second episode of double vision but this time I also had tingling and numbness all down my left hand side. Had another MRI in July and saw my neurologist last month when he confirmed the diagnosis. Again my symptoms have completely resolved now which is good! I’ve seen my MS nurse and hoping to start on a DMD soon. Like you, I feel that I have been diagnosed early and I am feeling fairly positive about the future and hoping the treatments keep this condition at bay for as long as possible!! All the best!! Robyn