3 new symptoms in 4 months.....

I have been struggling last few months - had a period of optic neuritus, that cleared up thankfully to be replaced with head, face and neck pain which left me feeling foggy and hazy and a really annoying high pitch buzzing in my head that doesn’t seem to want to leave.

I recently went to see my GP on the advice of my ms nurse as along with these problems I have over the last few weeks been having regular heart palpatations mainly at night. It’s fair to say I am getting more depressed and I am certain that the palpitations are due to anxiety.

My GP has referred me to have a cardiac event recorder just to check the problem out, although my blood pressure and heart were fine when she checked them. She also prescribed me an SSRI anti depressent.

I took the tablet for 3 days and ended up having such an extreme reaction to them - they made me feel so ill, all I wanted to do was literally rip my head of my neck to stop the intense horrible feelings and noise.

Tonight, literally an hour ago I seriously thought I was having a heart attack… Along with the palitations I have been having regular left side chest pain - a severe burning sensation that feels centered right in the middle of my left breast and the same burning sensation going to my neck, side of face and left upper arm. I initially read an article which suggested if this pain feels worse when you press it it probably isn’t anything to do with your heart and as I say I have an appointment at the end of this month to wear a cardiac event recorder just to check it out.

I did tear my left breast muscle 13 years ago and when I rub this area I notice it is quite hard at the moment and does seem to make the burning worse. I have also read up about the ms hug…

I guess I am just writing this because I feel so totally exasperated. It seems that these are 3 separate problems in just over as many months and I really don’t know how much more I can cope with.

I haven’t seen a consultant for nearly 2 years as my own left the local hospital and it has taken them ages to replace him. Until last week I hadn’t been able to get an appointment with my ms nurse either as she is trying her hardest to keep the ms services going on her own. I phoned and left messages each time something happened but took me to losing my temper in frustration as being asked by the receptionist ‘what do you want us to do?’

I have been booked to have a new MRI and eventually see the new consultant although it has been suggested this will take approx 8 weeks due to the back log etc.

I guess I will phone them again Monday to report this current symtpom not that I expect much reaction.

Is it really this normal to have a range of symptoms coming in such a short space of time and so suddenly?

That’s a badly delayed response from your MS team. Even though understandable at the individual mmber of the MS team level but I think it is poorer than NHS guidelines expect. Can any one confirm/refute that?

More than one symptom per relapse is quite usual so if symptoms are within a month at is usually counted as the same relapse.

I guess keeping at them is the only thing to do. Perhaps its time they reviewed what meds you are on.

Thanks for your comments Vithfari :slight_smile:

Tried phoning the MS nurse this morning and again this afternoon to the usual tone of the answer phone message telling me someone will aim to get back to me in 5 working days and if it’s urgent to go to my GP.

Went to my GP this afternoon, who confirmed she didn’t feel it was cardiac (I told her what I thought it was ie ms hug) but then didn’t actually listen to a word I was saying about how I felt, what I thought it was (through doing my own research on my condition) and if some sort of muscle spasm medication would ease the pain. Came out feeling it had all been a waste of time and with yet another prescription for more pain killers which can be added to the supply I already have in my bathroom cabinet!

I just find it all so frustrating that I cannot get to talk to anyone or see anyone when I feel I really need to. I generally cope with all the symptoms I experience but when it’s something new …

Oh well, enough moaning lol :slight_smile: