2nd opinions

Hello everyone,

Well i did it… i plucked up the courage to ask for a 2nd opinion out of area,… a few months ago i asked for advice on here, so thank you Cath (Min) and everyone else my doctor is requesting for me to see some one out of area that Cath recommended. it funny i have had to put it down for the past few months and tried to focus on other things the voluntary work has helped but i feel as if i owe it to my children and Lee to try to find out… I may still never get the answers but i need to try… my life has changed so much and as much as some things are good, like having Frazer (assistance dog)… and my Wishing Chair (power wheelchair) i’m sure it grows wings like in the story…and all the adventures i have in it …i still crave for emotional closure and id still love to get better I’ll keep you all posted it may be a while before i find out…but thank you for all your support and thanks Don (hoppity) you always make me laugh even on my saddest days…and i love your blogs and thanks Pat (snowleopard) for all your good advice and Steve my Frodsham buddy its always good to here from you…I’m sorry I can’t mention you all but youv’e all been such a big help.

Michelle x


Hi MIchelle, I’m so pleased you are seeking a second opinion.

That sounded like a ‘goodbye post’ & I hope it’s not. You are very welcome on here.

Hope you get some answers very soon… Let us know how it goes.

Pat xx

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Hello Michelle.

I hope this is not a goodbye post as we all get a lot of encouragement from your intrepid wheelchair adventures and the courage you have shown with your amazing family.

I hope you get some real answers from the new doctor.

Steve x

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Thanks Pat,

not a good bye post… just a thank you post. i feel bad sometimes not being the real thing and yet my symptoms are progressive what ever it is… and i feel i identify with this group and the support and understanding is amazing even before i started posting i always read all the advice and found it really good.

Michelle x

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Thanks Steve,

not a goodbye post …still not sure if I’ll ever find the answers, its funny something happened on Monday that woke me up and made me feel as if i owe it to my children and Lee to " lift every stone "…I can’t go in to it now but i have to know that i’m doing everything i can to walk again, maybe i’ll never know and belive me that scares me so much and i feel such a fraud at times if it was so easy I’d be running round frodsham like i used to do…my son had a paper round (buy and sell) free papers and i used to help him with it. It was up Belmonte road that big hill in Frodsham i used to race up there i loved being out with my boys and often we’d go up to the monument early in the morning and watch the sun coming up…i’m sorry still a bit emotional i just miss my old life and if iv’e got to live with this i want to embrace it and re route if you know what i mean . yesterday i met Izzy my 12 year old from school, Molly has respite on wedsdays so we caught the train to Chester… we make it our night and we have such a laugh i actually forget that I’m in a chair… it was fabulous so sunny and just me and her, its funny shes such a sweet girl and always ends up giving her bus money to the homeless guys…you know what Steve it makes me realise how blessed i am, when you lose your abilities you actually appreciate all the little things that you took for granted.

Well sorry about the essay

Take care love Michelle x


Oh Michelle, I hope you get some answers soon, I’m sorry to hear you’re so sad, thinking of you and sending you big hugs from Herefordshire,

take care Michelle, I hope your new appointment comes through quickly,

love and hugs,

Nina x

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Michelle, Do write down a list of all the questions you want answered. And don’t forget to take it with you. And also have someone with you who will listen to all that goes on in case you miss something. Which we all do.

Hope the new Neuro listens to you - and takes in all you say. l hate it when they dismiss things when you know - as it is your body - what is going on.

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I’ve missed why you wanted to get a 2nd opinion but good on you for doing it. If you’re at all unhappy or uncertain, you just have to!

Today is my MS 2nd Birthday and everything has changed for me, I’ve gone from PPMS to RRMS and even doing this trial right now - so please stick with it

Good luck with your new Neuro, I hope he’s a good un. I’ve seen my new one twice now and have left mine with a smile on my face each time, it’s a good feeling when they really take on board what you’re saying If you saw the way I walk now you’d also think PPMS too, I have a lot of scar tissue

Sonia x

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Hi Michelle,

You are like me in limbo too with no answers. I really wish you luck this time.

Can you remind me of your story - ie when this all started and how - also what tests have you had. Have they ever hinted that it is PPMS ?

You do seem such a positive person.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

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Thanks Moyna,

It might be easier to pm you I’m busy just now but will message you later

Michelle x

Michelle I’m so pleased for you, he’s a great Neuro. As an ex nurse it takes a lot for a doctor to impress me, but this one ticks all the boxes and I’d trust him with my life, he’s saved my dad’s. Reading the comments have reminded me, he likes you to take a list of questions and you won’t leave until he’s satisfied you have them all answered.

That makes for a long wait to see him, but I’m not bothered by that as I know he’ll spend the time needed with me too. So take a book (and a drink) and please let us know how you get on with him. Good luck

Cath xx

Thanks Cath,

My lovely doctor is only a locum shes Scottish… shes such a good listener, i was about to change practices my usual doctor is off on long term sick , but i’d lost faith in her when she got frustrated and told me if i was more positive i would get better. It maybe a while before i get to see someone and we agreed to wait till the CBT lady submitted her report . Shes doing it this week and she’s already told me that she belives this is physical.

I’ll keep you posted.

Michelle x

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