2nd mri....

hi guys,

Hope everyone is alright?

Ive had a call today from the hosp, got my second mri tomorrow woo. been told the consultant is unexpectedly off so may not have my 3rd appointment in july, poop.

Just wandered if anyone knows how far apart the mri’s need be to proove dissemination in time? I had my first 23rd march.

I have had two seperate attacks one at christmas/jan and now this one since april.




It used to be at least 30 days, but the 2010 McDonald criteria state that any new lesion can be counted.

I hope it goes well :slight_smile: Don’t forget you can get a copy on CD - so you can go lesion spotting yourself!

Karen x

hi Karen,

Thanks hun, i had a panic on then lol. Cd? wow really thats cool! I asked if they could tell me if all was ok after last one, his reply “youll be ok”. I was floored after last results as i was expecting the all clear, but now Im ready for whats there. Im still in middle of an episode so think there is lesions. I will ask them karen. At the end of the day theyre my results.

All i want right now is some walking aids, im dreading our holiday!

kel x

hi Karen,

they wouldnt tell me anything or give me a cd. oh well I’ll wait, getting used to it now anyway lol cry cry

kel x