2nd MRI......with contrast?

I had an mri done privately on my CS back in March, without contrast. The report mentioned various narrowing of canals, effacement of the ventral surface of the theca. I have now been referred back for urgent CS and brain MRI, which are taking place at the end of this week. My question is, as the first was without contrast, will the next CS MRI be wth contrast, now that a neurological issue is investigated? Do I have to ask for it specifically?

Also, at what stage will my MRI in March be compared against the one I have on Friday? It will be at the same hospital.

Thank you

your gp should get the results from your neuro.

he/she will be the best place to start.

you could email the neuro’s secretary (copying the neuro in) and ask about contrast.

to be honest i have not a clue about what the results mean! (wtf is a theca?)

you should be having a follow up appointment with your neuro.