2 Neuro Appointments down, more to come

Morning all,

Thought I’d update you as to the appointments I had yesterday. The first chap I saw said, it’s not nerve related, but muscular or metabolic. As a result I had an ECG (Normal) and EK Blood test and am scheduled for an ultrasound, muscle biopsy and possible MRI on my brain (MRI not confirmed but was mentioned) No diagnosis from this chap, but it was a bit clunky in terms of admin. I had 2 half files open in 2 departments and they were in no way consolidated. I then had a nerve conduction test (again) in which my result were again “abnormal” the neurophysiologist then confirmed a diagnosis of something I had heard of called Gullain-Barre syndrome ( and he expects me to make a full recovery within 6 months to a year. After further toing a froing I went back to the first chap and he said it doesn’t sound like Gullain-Barre as the onset of the symptoms wasn’t fast enough. It was clear however that there was some animosity between the departments, the chap I saw first then said it may be some called CIDP which is a more chronic version of Gullain-Barre, but who knows at the moment really. I have 1 confirmed diagnosis and one very sceptical registrar. Going back in 1 month for more answers, and hopefully I will have improved further by then.

Oh, I said about MS, they said it would have shown on the MRI, see what these tests bring back and the explore other avenues. In the mean time i have to contend with weak ankles, wrists and lazy fingers. yay!

Dont they mess with our heads. I was the same for several years.

I`m gonna google Guillaine Barre. heard of it but not clear on it.

Hope you get sorted soon.

luv Pollx

GBS or CIDP do sound more likely than MS, given the test results, but I guess time will tell. But of a b***** to have to wait though :frowning: Fingers crossed the neurophysiologist is right. Karen x