2 1/2 years on

Hi guys,

I have been a (normally silent observer) member of the forum for over 2 1/2 years now. I joined just before my first neuro app following a period of daily migraine, tremors, twitching, pins and needles and what I believed at the time to be a TIA… I had a 4 day period in the summer of 2013 where I couldn’t walk and had slurred speech. Being somewhat of an ostrich who buries his head I refused to see my GP or go to the hospital…

Since my first post almost 3 years ago now, I have lived with unrelenting fatigue and various neurological symptoms, including numbness and pins and needles, weakness and constant twitching in my legs. The issues with my legs have certainly been the worse. Due to the constant twitching, at nights I am often crippled with pain. I’m able to work, socialise and walk around as normal usually but recently I find it’s taking 3-4 days to recover from busy shifts. Some nights the pain and cramps are so bad I have been in tears to family and friends. The twitches and spasms are constant and visible, even friends have randomly commented on my legs twitching and spasming.

I have seen a GP three or four times regarding these symptoms, because of pressure from family and friends, and have been referred to neuro twice according. On the last visit to the neuro he suggested he had concerns regarding MND and MS and offered an MRI to rule these out. I am 26 years old, a student studying a health profession and I still enjoy going out and partying (although my body doesn’t haha) and rather ridiculously I declined the MRI. Recently however, perhaps due to increasing uni deadlines and the festive period, I am feeling increasingly fatigued - sleeping for 11-14 hours if interupted - My legs are spasming and twitching much more than normal, I’ve had chest tightness and my left foot went numb for a few days over new year.

Naturally I’m really worried, and have phoned my GP and cancelled apps a few times… however I feel I’m meant to be in the prime of my life. I haven’t yet graduated, have plans to travel and study abroad this year in America and feel a diagnosis of anything would impair these plans. Basically I don’t know what to do. Over the last year, apart from my stupid gammy legs and the last 3-4 weeks I’ve felt normal. I discounted MS or anything and thought I probably had restless leg syndrome, now I feel like an idiot for turning down the MRI scan…

Should I pursue further investigation and finally put an end to living in limbo or should I take the advantage of having a basically clean bill of health and go stateside with relatively cheap health insurance while I can?

Advice appreciated!!!

You know in your heart you need to have the investigations. If it is MS its not going to go away and the ostridge position will only work for so long. Have the tests. Whatever is going on with you is going on with or without a formal diagnosis. At least once you know you can can start to move on. If the tests show nothing untoward great, you can move on with your life without this daily fear. If they do show something you are closer to gaining treatment and support.

Ok, I can well understand your fears, but you must return to your doctor and explain why you didn`t go for the MRI. Whatever is going on is unlikely to fade away…if ony it would how marvellous that would be for you!

You say things seem to have calmed down now, so perhaps it has gone or you`re in remittance from whatever it is.

Think about this…what if you follow your dream and travel abroad…what if youre taken ill there and not having adequate insurance, cant get home?

I know its so unfair when you have all sorts of plans for te future, but unfortunately, we cant control our bodies the way we`d like hun.

Hoping for the best outcome for you,