1st week on Tecfidera

Hi, started my half dose of Tecfidera last week and on the Monday I had my 1st tablet and I had really bad side effects dizziness, feeling sick, really bad prickly heat all over apart from the bottom half of my legs and was in my bed most of the day, the next day was not nearly as bad and by the Friday i had no side effects at all.

Today i started on the full dosage expecting to feel just as bad as i did at the start and i am happy to say the only side effect i had was feeling a little bit dizzy but not bad enough to stop me doing my usual routine, i have some cereal with my tablet in the morning and have the second with my meal at tea time.

hopefully that is it with the bad side effects and it just gets easier from now on.


Hi Billy, glad to hear the side effects are lessening! I had my first tablet today and within 2 hours it felt like someone had doused me in acid and set me on fire! I was just wondering if you take asprin and if so what dose and how often etc?


Hi I never took any asprin, I just made sure I had plenty to eat and drink when I took the tablets.

it seems like such a dramatic rush to start these drugsā€¦ presumably we all start with the 120mg capsules?

irrespective of the advice given, if side effects are a significant discomfort or impediment on daily life, then just take one cap in week one, two in week two and so forth. that is what i did and my side effects were mild and short lived. now been on full dose for many months, with no complaints.

the prickles, heat, rash, itching, hives (any allergic reaction) can be lessened with aspirin and resolved with anti-histamine.

the full stomach helps to undermine or prevent entirely any gastro-intestinal complaints and even if you still have a few cramps, which i did, paracetemol remedies them easily.

good luck and do not rush into full dosing. the fact that you are working a DMD into your daily regime is good enough. this short term discomfort, which for some might be bad enough to provoke them into stopping altogether, i think is entirely pointless.