1st symtoms over a year ago MRI confirmed active plaques and scars

Hi, My 1st concerns were from a sudden double vision even if I closed one eye and visual distortions including flashing pavements!! and numb patches. So on going to the doctor, I thought I ws going mad, he sent me to the hospital, After numerous visual tests I was given an MRI which confirmed the presence on numerous scars and active plaques. Having my mother die from a similar condition I was concerned this was the same. I had read many articles on the cause of this and the different types of this. I decided I was not going down easily and would try anything. I started with multivits full dose and high dose vit d, cod liver oil and low dose aspirin. I was recalled for a scan 5 months later and symptom free there were no more active plaques. now whether this was due to this who knows, I have not taken this for a few months now and am not sure if I have symptoms returning. I am getting soreness patches on my head with no skin damage and fatique. Needless to say im going back on the suppliments to see if this stops this. Im not going back to the doctors, as I saw what was pumped into my mother. I want to try to find some way of beating this and If i can shield my family from this for as long as possible the better I will feel. I may have the one that comes and goes and its pure coincidence that when I took the suppliments it went away. Will post again in a few weeks if any news good or bad. Lets face it any thing is worth a go and with a much lower incidence of this in the med countries, it has to be something diet,way of life or enviroment that is effecting it.

I hope it works well for you. Laura.

I’m sorry you seem to be having a flare up and glad your last scan showed no activity. Yes the supplements may have made a difference. If it isn’t at a toxic level it can only help - it makes sense to eat a well balanced diet, exercise, supplement etc. Give your body the best chance of dealing with it. I’m keeping up Vit D and B vits suplements and bearing in mind other nutrients.

The course of disease of close relatives isn’t a good predictor and medication is a matter of weighing up the benefits of the drugs and risks of the condition against the risks assciated taking the drugs. Not an easy decision. Good luck.