1st post, undiagnosed but convinced

Hello all, im jenny 29. In october 2014 my right hand started to feel numb then within two weeks my whole right side was numb. This lasted about 3 1/2 weeks in total then slowly disappeared over a week. GP told me instantly it could be MS. My dad had MS. I was sent for an MRI and by January 2015 i was told by a neurologist that my MRI was clear and my brain must’ve just had a blip. I left feeling slightly releived but that something must’ve been missed. I haven’t suffered any more numbness this year but have had other symptoms. I suffer sporadic lower leg cramps when asleep in bed, this comes and goes and hasn’t happened for a couple of months now. Every other week i suffer from restless leg of a night, i just cant get my leg comfortable and every position seems to be wrong lol. I get pain in the back of my eyes but when sent to the optition by my GP i was all clear. My libido has been non existent for about 4 months which is very unlike me, and most recently for a couple of weeks, my left arm from the shoulder down has felt aching and week. I think thats everything. I’m not sure whether to visit my doctor just to update her or so she can keep a record of symptoms as i cant remember them most of the time lol. Basically i’m not sure if i should go back to my GP or not, i’m worried i’m being paranoid. What do you all think? Thanks for any feedback.

Allo Jenny, mmmmm

I`m just gonna say summat first off…please dont be offended…

is there any possibility that due to your dad having MS, you are super sensitive to everything that seems not quite right, and wondering if you are following your dad and perhaps talking yourself into MS?

Ouch, that does sound harsh…dont mean to…

You know, your GP might be thinking like that too and really he/she has no business saying that to you, without a neuro saying it.

Did your neuro say to come back for another mri in say 6 months or so?

i do think that would be a wise thing to do…to keep an eye on you.

Not wanting you to dwell or magnify things, but keeping a diary of events will help to recall things, if you see another neuro.

I know how scary times are for you…I`m an oldie around here…in my 17th year of disability.

Incidentally, I dont have MS, although for many years I was wrongly diagnosed with it.

luv Granny Pollyxxx

Thanks for replying so soon, not harsh at all. I probably am paranoid about it. My neuro didn’t ask for a follow up at all. My last MRI was nearly a year ago now, hence me wondering if i should report to my GP or not. I’m not particularly scared, i think i just want to know either way. Thanks again x

It would be a good idea to keep a record of what is happening and when and for how long etc. These things are impossible to remember without writing them down.

In terms of whether you raise things with the GP as they arise, my suggestion is to ask your GP that question. Always better to ask the question than to guess.


Hiya, thanks for you replies. After over a year I’m suffering from a numb right leg again. Didn’t sleep last night due to restless legs and can’t get in to the doctors until the 12th February :frowning: