1st Neuro appt soon but symptoms gone?

Hello all, this is my first post and I am due to see a neuro soon for various symptoms. I woke with an extremely painful back a year ago and other symptoms have appeared including patches of numbness, a buzzing face, pins and needles, painful heels, a squeezing feeling in ribs, stabbing and shooting pains. I have very tight calves in the mornings which ease after an hour or two. I don’t have any eye problems or particular balance problems although I am dropping things - I seem able to pick them up, but then drop immediately afterwards - wierd!!

I’m not sure what to expect from the Neuro, but this forum has been great for advice. I’ve written a short history as I’ve had pneumonia and vertigo etc.

My symptoms, however, have now eased right off, is he/she going to think I’m nuts or imagining it all? I’ve had 4 weeks of horrible sensations and pain and was petrified, but now feel almost “normal” apart from the odd twinge. I’m concerned he/she will pat me on the head and send me away to “see what happens” but I would rather have investigations started. Do they do this?

Anyone else had this happen at the beginning of their journey? Grateful for any thoughts x

As far as I’ve read, peoples symptoms can be intermittent. As in , they come & ago. I had a break of approx 10 days over Christmas with nothing at all ( it was great) then it all came back after a day at ice skating. My episodes vary too. I may have a numb lip for a few weeks along with other things but the numbness would go for a few weeks then return. This is the same for a lot of my other symptoms. As long as you have it all documented down for the doctor to explain to him/her. Experiencing what you have been having for a length of time cannot be nothing…the least the doc can do is carry out some tests. I have my app on Thursday for results of MRI, bloods etc to find out what’s causing all my episodes/ symptoms that has being happening since June. I’m so glad the day is nearly here!! Write down any questions you may have etc and ensure you leave the app with an idea of what is next. Good luck & take care x

No, he/she won’t.

If I were a betting woman, I would hazard a fiver on the theory that most of us with RRMS went along to our first appt with the neurologist thinking the same as you. I certainly did. I remember the neuro being amused by my vexation at having so little to show by the time I got to see him - they are very accustomed to that.

Please do note, however, that most of the (much, much larger number of) people who turn out NOT to have RRMS go along thinking the same too!

A couple of points:

The person’s history is key when investigating neurologicial trouble. What the person presents with on the day is only one little part of that.

A clinical exam (testing reflexes etc) can reveal signs of central nervous system trouble (if there is any) even when the person does not feel that there is anything much amiss now.

So don’t worry about your ‘lack’ of symptoms. Lack of symptoms is information too, as far as the neurologist is concerned.

Good luck with your appointment.


I often joke with my Neuro that just having an appointment with him is the cure…

Thanks for the replies everybody. I feel quite nervous but want the appointment to hurry up at the same time.

TPATH - lol, :).

I hope you get on ok on Thursday RR25, best of luck x

Alison100, Thanks, that’s reassuring. I’ve tweaked my symptom list a bit now as it was pages long to a page and a half (well with things happening every 10 minutes for a month, it was hard to keep it condensed…!) I’ve put some things that happened in early life like fainting and anything vaguely neuro on as well as family history.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a very good doctor who referred me immediately after I explained the symptoms and then had what he called an"unusual" reflex response - not sure what he meant, but it hurt like hell. I hope the neuro is one of the good ones too. Some of the experiences on here have been awful for people, they need a an hour or two feeling these sensations themselves before they make assumptions that it’s all in the mind! Best wishes to all x