1950's (Nothing at all to do with MS)


Wondered if some of you could help me?

I am going to a 50’s night at the end of April and have no idea what to wear!

I wasnt even a glint in Dads eye at this time!!! Have had a look on internet and it seems to vary from pencil skirts to Grease lookalikes!

Any suggestions? Preferrably ones that dont involve short skirts and heels!

I think a large belt is a requirement?


Ellie x

Oh the tv programmes from the 50s (Happy Days) looked a fab time.

I was born in 52, so was a youngster, but my sisters wore skirts with layers of net petticoats, cinched in waists and cardigans…oh and red lipstick and fingernails.

Enjoy…Grease should give you some ideas too, eh?

luv Pollx

Cropped trousers too - they were called ‘Capri Pants’ - with wide elastic belts and flat pumps. Think Audrey Hepburn - big dark glasses and a headscarf tied round the front then back. Like Princess Margaret. Hairstyles were becoming more beehived - especially the ‘cottage loaf’ style. l can remember doing my hair like it - and l was at school. Yes - big circular skirts and lots of stiff petticoats. l remember having a hoop petticoat. When you sat down it would spring up in the front and display your unmentionables. Late 50’s was rock n roll. Everly Brothers/Marti Wilde/ Eddie Cochrane etc.


I would be tempted to dress up as a bloke - much easier - flat lace up boots, jeans, white t-shirt, leather bomber jacket, the all important quiff and DA for the hair, thinking John Travolta in Grease, can’t remember the character’s name, although most of the songs are currently making their way into my head - or go for a Teddy boy look, would be more difficult to find, although Ebay have a good selection of fancy dress outfits.

Have fun!

Luisa x

Polls right, lots of petticoats under either skirts or dresses and I remember teenagers wearing their cardigans the wrong way round, buttons to the back and beads with huge earrings and red lipstick. From what I remember there were only two colours, red or orange in the make up range. Same with nailvarnish.

You could also wear socks, white ones with patent shoes, or stockings with suspenders and seams up the back.

There were so many fashiions however I do remember hair backcombed and lots of hair tied up, either ponytail or large bobs.

I was small at the beginning of the 50’s like Poll, but I used to admire my neighbours daughter going out, she looked a million dollars and I wanted to aspire to her looks when I grew up. It was a time of experimentation with what we had.

Have a great time.

best wishes




Thanks to you all!

There are now 16 others going and I will see them on Friday so will disuss what we are going to do.

Luisa-loving your suggestion as I dont have any hair (well, very little, No6 razor) and surely would be able to find a wig?!

Thanks again to all those that replied.

Ellie x

Hi Ellie,

Oh happy memories the 50’s. I had a green spotted skirt with loads and loads of petticoats underneath, I thought I looked the bees knees. Tight top and cardie. Heels, yes I’m afraid so, hair back combed up and loads of laquer. The brighter the better but defo not short skirts at that time. Hope this helps and you have a lovely time.

Janet x

Sorry Ellie, Forgot wide, wide belts were the in thing.

Janet x

I love the 50’s style and am a bit of a rockabilly- if you google rockabilly you can get some good modern twists on the 50’s style, there are a lot of tattoo’s though- us Belles like our tats im off to Ascot in full 50’s gear- cant wait-

make up wise nice dark high brows, lots of black eye liner and side flicks- false eyelashes are a must - and a beautiful bright lippy for those lush 50’s lips.

checked shirt, tied at the waist-pedal pushers and pumps- or pencil skirt/ beebop skirt and fitted t shirt

or go the whole hog with a Marylin style dress and stonking heels-

hair is fine short- or you can get some good wigs- most can be adapted with a few big curlers- a kerchief tied around the middle will hide the joins and help keep it secure and a big fat full fringe or curled back over-

oh getting carried away now

have a great evening


Thanks to you all!

I must not go as a guy-Mums orders LOL!

Will discuss with my friends in the morning re the mass plan! 17 of us going!

Thanks again!

Ellie x

Hi Ellie. I like wearing 1950’s dresses. I get mine off eBay , the petticoats too. They work out around 30 for dress (new ones) and 15 for petticote also new. They look stunning on. I wear them whenever I can get dolled up to go out. If your in the manchester area there is also a shop on the northern quarter which is brill. Karina X

Hi all

Thanks again for all the replies. I have just heard that the evening has been cancelled as only 30 tickets sold.

Ellie xxx

oh pants what a shame


Thats one way of putting it BC!

Pants ands other such expletives! lol

E x