15 year old son just been diagnosied with ms

hi , my son has been diagnosed with ms and the consultant has suggeseted 3 medications for us to choose from dimethyl fumarate, ocrelizumab. Fingolimod which the consultant didn’t think he would be able get this one as he may not qualify as yet for it . my question is has any body had these medications and how affective they were ? im really worried that im deciding on his medication and know nothing about them … thank you x

Sorry to hear about your son but glad you’re being given options.

I can’t advise you on which one to take as I don’t take any of those. I thing really the neurologist should have gone through them all with you. Does your son have an MS nurse? maybe they could help?

If you put the medication into the search bar , top right then topic threads may come up.
Hope you can make a good decision,
You and your son take care.


Hello, I am sorry to hear about your Son. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when I was 11. I use to take Rebif-beta interferon injections but once I turned 16 I changed to Dimethyl fumarate. I have been taking this for the past two years and so far so good. I haven’t had any relapses since changing to this medication and I did not experience too many side effects. Although when I first started taking this I would initially get a stomach ache and my platelet levels did shoot up. Eventually, they returned to normal range without any specific treatments and the stomach pains did subside. I cannot comment on the other suggested medications and I would suggest looking into their side effects as every individual is different, but I don’t have much negative to say about dimethyl fumarate. Good luck with everything!

thank you we have a appointment today to discus the medication x

Thank you for your reply , 11 years is so young . im so happy that this medication is working so well for you now . did you have a lot of relapses before your current medication ? thank you x

Not too many but the major ones I did have did stay active for a long period. My last lesion has been active for over two years now but no new attacks so it’s been alright and manageable.