15 weeks waiting, now eye pain

I had my lumbar puncture just over 15 weeks ago, after an MRI which looked fairly certain for ms. I rang the hospital a few weeks back and was told I would be seen in December by an ms specialist, but to date no appointment has arrived!! Now I am experienceing pain in my left eye, which has been pretty constant for the last 5 days. I don’t know if I should go back to my GP or just wait for the hospital appointment??

Maybe you should call his secretary. In my experience, you have to keep mithering or risk being lost in the grand scheme of things.this is a massively important thing for you, so don’t feel bad for needing to be seen and not forgotten about. Keep chipping away at them. Good luck x

15 weeks waiting for results!! Goodness, you’ve got more patients than me…that really is too long. Speak assertively to nero secretary or ms nurse. Have a word also with your gp with how your feeling…on monday!! This is not good enough. Take care, Noreen xxx