13 Week wait for Neuro appt

Hi, I am new to the site but have been reading some of the recent posts and learnt so much. Having been seen by a neurologist approx 11 years ago after visiting my gp with ‘eye pain’ I was discharged and told to take 10mg of Amitriptyline at night. I went back to my gp about 4 years ago with a number of problems, mainly being chronic fatigue, numbness in feet, pins and needles, creepy crawly feelings in legs and still having almost daily eye pain which the Amitriptyline didn’t help at all. This time I got as far as having an MRI of my brain which showed nothing! I was once again discharged and told to increase the Amitriptyline to 25mg each night. Few weeks ago I returned to my gp asking to be re-referred as I have all of the above only worse than before (especially the tiredness and twitches/spasms in legs) but now have dizziness, blurred vision in my left eye, and a whole lot more. He didn’t hesitate to re-refer me. Most annoying thing is as I haven’t been seen by a neurologist for 3 half years I have to start at the beginning as a new patient. Today I phoned the appointments department and found out it is at least a 13 week wait for first appointment. It is so frustrating as I have just recently separated from my husband and only 9 months ago did we cancel a private health policy that we had paid into for 8 years but never used. Hope know one minds me letting off steam! Jane x

Its awful isn’t it the wait. I got told my neuro was a 16week wait to be given an appt so saw someone privately for £150 who basically told me it was all in my head then got told had been triaged as more urgent so could see original neuro 6weeks before I should even be getting an appt date!!! A

I rang the appointment line every week to ask for cancellations - eventually they put on a new clinic and my appt was brought forward 5 weeks. Wouldnt have got it if i hadnt been on the phone to them by chance on the day the new appts opened up.Even if it doesn’t work for you at least you feel like you’re doing something. But it is a drag I know. Good news is that since the first appt it’s all been very efficient - hope it is for you too.


I have recently been refered and had been told that there was a 12/13 week wait. I have had my name put on the cancellation list as well.

However after some ringing around i decided to pay to see the neuro privately, and was seen last night. Less than 36 hours after the initial enquiry.

we have had to scrape money together for this (£150) but it was well worth it to me because 12/13 week wait would have been more costly to my health/mental health i am sure…


I am currently awaiting a Neuro appointment, following an abnormal brain MRI result.

I had to wait 6 weeks to actually have the scan, then another 5 weeks to see the referring consultant to get the results, and now I have to wait 11 weeks to see a Neurologist. That’s a wait of 22 weeks from the day I was told I needed an MRI to actually seeing someone who can explain the results to me in detail and do whatever needs to be done next.

My GP did say he was going to get the Neuro appointment brought forward as he is not happy with my deteriorating health, but that was last Monday and I have heard nothing as yet.

These doctors just have no idea how much stress all this waiting puts on people. We all just need some answers so we can deal with whatever they are and get on with our lives as best we can. Living in this ‘limbo’ is so horrible.

Good luck to everyone waiting for appointments at the moment xx

Sorry, meant to add that I have been told that if I decide to see a Neuro privately then the NHS will ‘take me out of the loop’ and if I need any other appointments, tests etc I will have to go back to my GP and start the whole ball rolling again to get any of this on the NHS.

I’m not sure if this is just a local situation or if this is the norm everywhere.

I’m with Beneden who have a set limit. I saw a neurologist privately and had an MRI. They recommended blood tests and a LP. I took the blood test sheet to my GP and had them done by the NHS. I still saw the neurologist on the NHS. They did another MRI that included the spine, LP and evoked potential test. It made no difference to my NHS appointment seeing a consultant privately. Which area do you live in as maybe somebody may have experience of whether it makes a difference.

I’m in Ipswich Suffolk. I’ve had a really bad day today, phoned appointment centre and asked them to put me on cancellation list, 13 weeks is going o be a nightmare. Jane x

Sorry I’m in a different area. Hopefully you will get a cancellation.