13 hour wait for an emmergencey doctor

hi there yesterday my 86 year old disabled father was ill.he,s not got ms thats me.but dad is wheelchiar bound has early dementia plus we nearly lost him in sept from an heart attack.anyway yesterday my brother called 111 because dad was ill they sent a paramedic out who sad he thought it was a water infection he,ed send a doctor out to him,it would probably be in about 4 to 6 hours.this was at 4.45pm saturday the doctor finnally arrived at 03.00am sunday morning.what kind of emmergencey service is that .the paramedic didn,t want to take dad to hospital .so we had to wait for the doctor .the nhs dead its that no one hs told it yet.

It sounds like - rightly or wrongly - the paramedic didn’t consider this to be an emergency, otherwise I’d dearly like to think that he/she would have taken your father to hospital straight away?

Did they administer any treatment/medication in situ?

I agree the time taken until an emergency doctor arrived seems excessive …do we know exactly when they were requested to attend and what the turn-around target time is?

Most importantly, how is your father now?