12 Window Cleaning Sprays.

Yes, along with numerous bottles of disinfectant, water etc they cover the pantry floor.

Under the sink the shelves groan under the weight of washing up liquid, fabric conditioner, shoe polish etc. Every windowsill, mantle has little ornaments, trinkets and if there’s a space in any ornaments it is filled with paperclips, batteries or other bits and bobs.

48 coffee cups, 36 dinner plates, 32 cereal bowls clog the kitchen cupboard - not as if we’re planning on holding banquets.

Oh and newspapers piled high in the conservatory…and the old telephone directories and club catalogues by the settee…the 12+ bottles of shampoo in the bathroom…cases of old clothes in the attic…cat litter bags (8) in the porch…etc etc.

How sad am I counting all this stuff!!!

But what can I do to get rid of some of this stuff. It’s almost as if she has a fear of empty spaces.

because we’ve got one cat. I can’t really answer why we have 8 bags of the stuff in the front porch, nor do I know why there are a total of 24 cushions divided equall between the settee and two easy chairs in the front room…

Any suggestions anyone?

Hi, I’m not sure I get the point of this post, do you need this stuff or do you live with someone who needs it or insists on keeping it, if so I’m not there’s much you can do. If that’s not the case why not just chuck it out, hire a skip if there’s that much or take it to the local rubbish dump, sort it for what can be recycled, e.g paper for the paper skip, empty the bottles and recycle them. Cheryl:-)


its hard to suggest/say but i suspect from ur post theres an ocd,afraid of letting go,hoarding component and various mental issues. if its true then i can sympathise. professional guidance is required if this is the case. perhaps cbt to address old/new thought patterns. first step would be gp for assistance in helping u both understand/cope with the situation.

if i have not read correctly/misunderstood then i apologise.

ellie x

I am quite confused where are the 12 window sprays you mention form what have you said. When cleaning windows, if you don’t have any idea on how to do it correctly in which there will be no damage from your furniture’s, it is best to have the service in which they will be the one to handle everything for your home to make it feel relaxing and absolutely clean.