1 for the ladies! Sensitive issue

Can anyone tell me if they know of where i can buy an anal bottle enema from please?

i have looked online but wondered if any pharmacies do them, as i may go and have advice on using it too.

sorry for the gross subject matter but just needed to ask the people that know.


Why is this one for the ladies? men do need to output also.

But I have to ask why would you want to do this whats the point.

Whats the difference from a enema and colon irrigation apart from less volume of liquids and its cheaper.

I’m male (55), married and one 8 year old daughter. I assume that I am still a member of the ‘human race’ - I am sitting here (with a catheter) and have had MS for over 13 years. I don’t know the answer to your question but I would be ‘interested’ - should I need one? Maybe your Doctor could offer some advice? Hope you find what you are looking for but at 55 and having been to University and Director of a company with 4 garages in the motor trade - I never knew what MS would do to me?

Good luck,


l have just replied to Bubbly Jubbly’s similar post - so read the replies she got. lf you are very constipated then do try Movicol and also glycerine suppositories [from any chemist-very cheap] they really help. lf it is a problem of lack of control of your bowels then look at the Peristeen anal irrigation system - like a at home colonic. The glycerine suppositoried might do the trick.


Hi there

As with previous post, I bought one recently for different reasons…web site called Bedroom pleasures. Actualy use it for general cleanliness when needed.

Hope this helps