1 0'clock News MS Stemcell

On the same line as Sewingchick’s thread I watched Breakfast this morning and also 1 0’clock news where they featured a chap that has had a very progressive form of MS for 18 months. He has the chemotherapy and stemcell treatment which has been very successful and he can now walk and is no longer having to use a wheelchair.

The Professor in the studio stressed that the treatment would only be suitable for people who have had their diagnosis recently. I am so pleased for those who are suitable for the treatment but am dreading all the calls that I will get telling me there is treatment that will halt the disease. I really hope that this will help lots and lots of you.

I know that people mean well but it is annoying.

Shazzie xx

That’s why I wanted to do the bingo - now I can be genuinely pleased when people tell me. Another point added.

Lots of us are posting about this and waiting the phone calls from well wishers…even me


This sounds awful but I’m thinking of taking my phone off the hook. But that would be mean as people are only excited about what they have seen.